Waec 2021 update

1. Report at the examination hall at least thirty minutes before the start of the paper. The timetable shows the time actual writing begins but you will be allowed tive minutes at the beginning of each paper to complete your particulars on the front cover of the answer booklet. You are not to write anything in the answer booklet during this period. The time allocated for reading through question papers or studying maps, etc., s included in the total time allowed tor the papers unless the rubric states otherwise

2. Candidates who arrive late will not be permitted to write the examination. Candidates are deemed to be late when the supervisor has given the order to start work.

3. Write your full index number, your name, the title of the paper and the date of
examination clearly on every answer booklet, Supplementary sheet and graph sheet paper.

4. lf an examination paper for which you have not entered is handed to you, or other materials should also have been given out, but you have not received them, raise your hand immediately and inform the supervisor or invigilator when he attends to you.

5 Read the general directions that recede the questions very carefully. You will not gain extra marks if you answer more than the required number of questions. Much time may be wasted in writing down information not asked for.

6. Write on both sides of the paper unless the instructions on the question paper states otherwise. Leave the margins at both the right and the left edges. Leave two lines between answers where these are sub-sections to the same question. Begin the answer to each full question on a fresh page. Do not leave blank pages between answers.

7. You must do all rough work in your answer booklet. (You will not be given any paper for that purpoSe; you are cautioned not to bring any rough work paper with you into the examination room). When you finish the rough work, cross it out neatly. You will not lose marks for doing rough work in your answer booklet.
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